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The Story Behind nWear Apparel

When you spend all afternoon or evening shopping for clothes, the hunt can feel endless. Trying to find something that is both stylish yet comfortable can be quite the challenge. It often feels like we have only two options.

One, we can choose to look stylish – yet spend all night suffering in discomfort. Or we can decide to be nice and comfortable, but draw concerning glances from passers-by for looking so rough.

At nWear Apparel, we look to change all of that.

Our aim is simple: to create awesome quality of clothing which solves problem A and problem B. All of our clothing and apparel come made from reliable, high quality materials. This ensures that they will last for years to come, and that they aren’t going to look faded or worn out anytime soon. However, at the same time, we use smart designs to help make sure our clothes make you good, stylish and sophisticated.

From making sure you can hit the town and look good without feeling so uptight to ensuring you can find some brilliant quality clothing for all-year round attire, we’ve got something for you. nWear Apparel bases all of our work out of our team in Norway, working with local producers and sourcing local materials.

We’re proud of what we do, and we love to combine together sartorial style with complete comfort. We disregard the need to be one or the other – why not be both?

Clothing should be something which empowers us and improves our confidence. At the same time, it should make us feel happy and safe – we should not have to suffer to make an impression. Instead of having clothes which feel like a self-inflicted prison for the evening in exchange for looking good, we’ll help you to do both.

You have no need to put up with uncomfortable clothing, nor do you have to make your comfortable clothing feel too casual. If you dislike the need to be overly informal if you wish to e comfort, check out what we have here at nWear Apparel.

Here, you will find all manner of quality apparel for all sizes, styles and personalities. Rich, impressive designs made from Norwegian quality materials, by Norwegian experts. We’re passionate about what we do, and want to help make a more amicable, affordable fashion world that serves those who rely upon their wares.

For lasting quality that won’t go out of style, then, choose nWear Apparel today.

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