Our Hoodie

Hoodies have quickly become a three-season fashion apparel staple for any wardrobe due to their style, comfort, and versatility. The hoodie style is relaxed and sporty, always ready for any activity. And the No Mix hoodie by nWear Apparel is no exception.

The forerunner of the hoodie initially appeared in Medieval Europe and was first worn by monks and outdoor workers. They were effectively a cape or a cloak with a hood attached. This brings to mind images from the video game “Assassin’s Creed.” The hooded sweatshirt that we know today was first produced in the 1930s in the United States. It was produced for laborers and construction workers in cold weather climates in the northeast United States. However, it was not until the 1970’s that the hoodie entered into popular culture and high fashion. Hip hop artists brought the hoodie into their cultural identity, while custom apparel makers incorporated the hoodie into their fashion designs. However, it was the wildly popular film “Rocky” in the 1970s made the hoodie an iconic symbol, as it was featured in one of the most well-known film sequences of all time. From there, the hoodie became a part of the identity of several different subculture groups around the world and entered widespread popularity in the decades to follow. nWear Apparel builds on that style with a unique twist.

Over time, the hoodie has become a three-season staple that can go anywhere, and do anything. From the crisp chilly days of autumn to the cold and dreary days of winter, and the cool and breezy days of spring, the hoodie is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. For the cold autumn days, the hoodie can be layered with a T-shirt and effectively worn as a jacket. This time of years brings along the excitement of watching fall sports on Friday nights, and outdoor activities with friends on the weekends.

For the winter, the hoodie can again be layered with a T-shirt or a long sleeve shirt and worn with a stylish jacket or coat over the hoodie when outdoors. The “hood” of the hoodie is always available as a headcover for those extra cold days. As the hoodie has grown in popularity, one of the emerging fashionable looks is the layered winter look. With the hood of the hoodie worn outside a jacket, the layered trend has become a go-to look.

Springtime brings the promise of warmer weather to come but is still full of chilly mornings and cool nights. The hoodie is the perfect piece of apparel that is always ready no matter what the weather may bring.

The comfort of the hoodie is unmatched among the variety of options available. The soft cotton and the comfortable weight of the fabric never fail to make one feel cozy and comfy. The “always there” attached hood, and convenient kangaroo pouch pocket in front provide extra warmth when needed. By the way, the kangaroo pouch is also a convenient way to carrying your cell phone, car keys, or anything else you would like to keep handy.

If you are looking for a well made, fashionable hoodie, there are certain elements you will want to look for. Since the hoodie has become so popular, there are several apparel makers producing low quality garments that will soon wear out, or quickly begin to look old and poorly shaped. Our line of nWear No Mix hoodies has you covered by providing well made, high quality custom apparel. These hoodies are made from high quality fabrics that will resist pilling and remain durable. The waistband and wrist cuff include Spandex to make them comfortable and help retain their shape. The hood is double lined for extra warmth, and well as providing greater durability. Another important feature is extra strength double needle stitching, which goes the extra mile to improve durability, help maintain shape, and keep your hoodie looking great for many years to come. 
The No Mix hoodie from nWear Apparel is available in seven colors to compliment any wardrobe. It is available in sizes ranging from small to 5XL. nWear makes two versions featuring the signature No Mix beater logo. Our desire is to provide style, quality and value to our customers.