Our Vision and Dreams

nWear Apparel

You might have experienced that before: the T-shirt you just bought last week looks like being aged 2 years right after first wash or a hole opened in your new jeans that you have bought only few months ago, or you notice a thread hanging from your new shirt just after 2 to 3 wears. Well that’s quite threatening because the aforementioned clothing accessories you have bought were claimed to made of finest materials under the supervision of experts.

No doubt, all the pieces of clothing you are buying are made to last longer but the reason you have faced such issues with your clothing stuff is all because of the global fashion system that is claimed to be “Fast fashion”. In fast fashion world lightning-fast productions and a cheap price tags are prioritized over quality and durability. All of us are equally responsible for those fast fashion trends because we keep on shopping for products and always desire for new stuff which result in system where low quality and disposable clothes are produced.

The above mentioned issues acted as the wakeup call for us (a team of young entrepreneurs) and made us to think about how to quit this  fast fashion trend, spread an awareness about what makes garment of good quality,  understand the clothing desires of our people and produce clothing stuff that last longer while paying the affordable prices. Our thinking process ended up with the idea of launching a clothing brand and we named it nWear Apparel.





The way we get dressed is really what we feel and what we live. Most of the times it’s just a simple clothing piece that can bring out your personality and makes you feel good. nWear Apparel comes up with a focus of bringing a valued change to its society and enhance the environment by empowering the lives of all who care. nWear Apparel is not about making profit, it is all about delivering the products that will serve the customers with their desired level of conformability, style and durability in a single product.


At nWear Apparel our product planning, designing, manufacturing and distribution are all in-house based in Norway, picking the right quality Norwegian based local fabrics and materials, which will not only help us to stay close to our customer needs but also to save costs on over production, resulting in products that will be available to our buyers in affordable prices. 


Our aim is transparently based on providing our customer with unique shopping experience that is based on their wellbeing guided by the outstanding designs. It is mostly observed that while buying most of the customers really get overwhelmed with plenty of product choices and design, but again we are aimed to manufacture limited designs with better quality guided by the latest trends, this will help our customers to get a better idea of what they are trying to buy.


Whenever it comes about starting a new brand there are two main challenges, the first one is to clearly define your brand promise and the second one is to keep up with that promise for the satisfied customer experience because these are foundation of what will outlive your brand. With that in mind our team at nWear Apparel is consistently trying their best in building manufacturing and operational strategies that will always ensure to keep us with fulfilling our brand promise and provide an enhanced buying experience on every visit. We are focused on rising as a brand to which customers would be proud to associate with.