The T-Shirt

The T-shirt!

The T-shirt got its name because of its formation like a boxy body with sleeves attached. In the past times, the purpose of designing T-shirt was to use it as perspiration absorbent or to use it as a barrier between men’s skin and the garments that were supposed to be precious and a wanted to protect those garments to be protected from sweat stains.

A garment that started off as an underwear piece about 100 plus years old developed into workwear by the time and finally is now an essential style piece for every man. Being taking the center stage while its summer and used as layering combo in winter months, this old faithful apparel is serving a man since long and is now stapled with every wardrobe and a simple T-shirt with simple jeans is considered to be the most successful combo when it comes to outfit choices.

Being human we are the creatures of multiple dimensions. While choosing the wardrobe to get dressed, we sometimes take hours to look at our closets full of cloth and end up with assuring ourselves that none of these will work for us for every normal day. But it’s never like that; more often what we are really trying to find in a closet full of clothes is just a simple T-shirt, a one that is comfortable and stylish as well.

Now, whenever it comes to T-shirts and style, there are found two groups of people.

There are people who think a T-shirt as an essential staple for wardrobe and consider it as appropriate apparel that can be used for every occasion, and can be chosen to wear with little to no thought.

Then there is the second group of people who are a kind of traditionalists, who consider T-shirts as an completely immature and sloppy looking piece of wardrobe that should be only be worn inside a gym or while spending a time at the beach. 

One of the main reasons for this conflict is that classic and versatile T-shirts that are supposed to the right for most of the occasions are rare to find. In addition, there are also some other factors considered while picking a T-shirt, like texture, fit, durability and quality. Chances are that you may find a T-shirt that is soft as well as comfortable but meanwhile, there is also a chance that you may end up with compromising for other components such as durability and quality. If a T-shirt is capable of all the aforementioned things and is versatile, it is truly one of those desired closet items.

We took this challenge to make this idea to become a reality and ended up with launching our first collection of such T-shirts under the brand name called nWearApparel.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to manufacture garments that produce value, the garments that are versatile and last but not the least that mean something.

 Whether you are visiting the departmental store, shopping online or visiting the mall, there is a good chance that you are sorting through dozens of irrelevant garments with irrelevant colour, styles, and patterns, once you actually find a piece of apparel you were looking for.


At nWearApparel we want to completely reduce the overwhelming shopping experience and try to stick out with what our guys are looking for. Our team is so smart and pared down that you would be hard-pressed to put together apparel that lack versatility.  To be Honest!

With nWearApparel now there is no need to sacrifice style over comfort or to sacrifice comfort over style because while dealing with us you will get both. 

QUALITY and Durability

While manufacturing a piece of garment that first thing that comes up is picking the right fabric. Just as the complete meal that is summed up by high quality ingredients, the same we apply to our fabrics and rather than choosing the fabrics with synthetic additives with a poor and rough texture, at nWearApparel we pick the high quality materials by Norwegian experts.

We want our apparel to last longer than us, that doesn’t just mean to manufacture apparels that would not fall apart but it actually means that our design quality will be something timeless, something that will always be durable because we are passionate about what we do.

Our aim is to create an amicable and affordable fashion world that will serve those who truly care about their wares. Check out what we have here at nWearApparel and leave with the confidence of always picking the yet so versatile T-shirts.